MARK AND GINA SCHMIDT - Directors of DeepStream


Mark and Gina moved to Guatemala in 2009 with their children and began serving the people of Buena Vista in various ways.  After two years of watching and understanding the cultural problems, the vision for an educational center (EducateBV) was birthed in their hearts.  Today the vision is a reality in the community of Buena Vista as daily needs in areas of education, health and nutrition are met and the larger needs of spiritual connection with Jesus are taught and modeled.

JOSE MARTINEZ - Administrator


Jose oversees the day to day business aspects of CEDS, managing personnel, projects and maintenance and is involved in the daily lives of the young men and women who come each day.  Jose is an integral part of the lead team.  He is married to Antonietta and they have 4 sons, Wilmer, Kevin, Jefrey and Justin.

Evelin Muhun and Lesly Lopez - CEDS Secretarial Staff


Both Evelin and Lesly have grown up the last few years in the initiatives of CEDS.  Both graduated from our sponsorship program with careers as secretaries and as ministry needs have grown we were able to offer them both stable employment.  We are blessed that they have the opportunity to give back to their community and help change this village.

C@B School - Teaching Staff

We are blessed this year to have a great team who will lead our C@B program to new levels.  They are (in order from left to right), Geovanni (English teacher), Luis Torres (Program Director, Elcira Rosales (Teacher), Bayron Velasquez (Teacher) and Anthony Gudiel (Art teacher).

INEB Basico Program - Teaching Staff


INEB Staff,   (in order from L to R),  is Sara Soy (Program Director and teacher), Mario Perez (teacher) and Reina Deocute (Teacher).  This year we once again are happy to partner with the Guatemalan public school system, to offer Buena Vista a great location for it's Middle School.  It's a privilege to work with a great team which has been assembled to lead the young people of BV. 

Los Pequeñitos - Preschool Program Staff


Our director for this program is Lourdes.  This year we are offering a small daycare program that will enable us to begin touching lives at an even earlier age.  We are excited to have a group of 10 children, ranging from 3 to 5 years old, who will daily attend this program, learning about Jesus and introducing them to basic educational themes.

CEDS Security and Maintenance


Byron Chanta and Mario bring much experience in the area of security to their role as security guards at CEDS.  They both have become great friends of our ministry and their daily responsibilities include helping in all areas of building maintenance and upkeep, as well as night security for CEDS.  We have loved working with both men and watching them grow into their role on our team.

SULMA VELASQUEZ - Kitchen Manager


We met Sulma while living in the village of Magdalena our first 3 years in Guatemala.  We have watched her work and fight for a better life for herself and her family, despite many obstacles.  We were excited when God opened the avenue for her to join our team.  Her responsibilities include over site of the CEDS kitchen, preparing over 150 healthy snacks for our school programs daily, food prep and cleaning for partner teams as they visit and serve in Guatemala.

Farming and Gardening Project Staff


We have seen great progress in our farming project over the past year under the leadership of a great team of local farmers.  They are (from L to R), Marlon (Manager), Selvin (Farmer) and Edin (Farmer and Maintenance staff).

Dra. Sara Romero
Dra. Sara Romero

DRA. SARA ROMERO - Medical Doctor / Clinic over site


Dra. Sara is a friend and has been partnered with us in various forms since 2010 when we hosted the first medical clinics in Buena Vista.  We are excited that this year she will once again help lead the medical initiatives of CEDS as well as partner with Gina in offering an ongoing discipleship time to local women of BV.  Her heart for spiritual and physical wellness in the lives of people is evident and we are blessed to have her on our team in 2015.